The Best Android Apps For Streaming Movies And TV

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Streaming Movies and TV can now be done easily, using a smartphone, you can watch your favorite movies easily. Now streaming activities can be done very easily, especially since there are already Android apps for streaming movies and TV that you can use.

There are various platforms that you can use to watch movies from various countries easily. You are free to use various applications both paid and free. Related to that, we will make it easier for you by giving recommendations.

The Best Android Apps For Streaming Movies And TV

Recommended Android Apps for Streaming Movies And TV

Now the times make it easier for you to do anything online. To watch broadcasts, movies, to popchat can be done easily only with a cellphone.

There are many streaming apps that you can use easily even for free. With the availability of many choices, it certainly makes it easier for you to get the movie you like.

Well, if you want to use the best app for streaming movies then you can choose from the one we recommend.

Tubi tv

In the android streaming application can provide many genres of movies, from horror, anime, aztorin, romantic, drama and so on. The application can also provide a large selection of classic western seriosa that are rarely found in other applications.

Dancing You can get free access on android device version 4.1 with an application size of 23mb. In addition, this application has many features that can make it easier for you to use it.


The application is certainly familiar to you. The streaming app is popular, and widely used by movie lovers. Netflix is the world’s largest movie and tv streaming service provider.

You can watch many movies and series that are quite diverse. The selection of films provided is also quite a lot suitable for anyone, both children and adults.


If you like asian series and movies then it will be compatible with viu application. You can watch various movies, series, and programs from Japan, Kores, and so on originating from Asia. Apart from Asia, this app also often shows Indian and Middle Eastern movies.

You can access this app for free. If you want to enjoy more of the features provided, you can subscribe.

Genflix 2.0

This free streaming application is still relatively new, and can provide a large collection of glues from various countries. There are many movies from various countries, such as Thailand, Korea, Hollywood, and soccer broadcasts you can watch for free.

If you want to watch without being disturbed by ads then you can subscribe. To subscribe is also very cheap so you will not be harmed.

You can use Android apps for streaming movies and TV with that we recommend. All can be watched easily, so you can get your favorite movies easily.