The Best Android Apps for Parenting

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Android apps for parenting are here to help parents monitor and manage their children’s online activities and screen time. The app offers a variety of features to keep kids safe while using smartphones and tablets.

Now there are various applications available that you can download from the Google Play Store. So it will make it easier for you to monitor activities on your child’s smartphone.

The Best Android Apps for Parenting

Recommended Best Android Apps for Parenting

Nowadays children are increasingly exposed to technology and smart devices such as cell phones and tablets. Although technology brings great benefits, there needs to be good controls to ensure children stay safe when using their devices.

Having a control application is an ideal solution for monitoring and managing children’s online activities. Here are some recommendations for popular parenting apps for Android devices.

Google Family Link

One of the free apps that gives parents the ability to set screen time limits and see their child’s app activity. Even lock their child’s device remotely. So with these features, parents can control how much time their children spend on Android devices.


This app offers a comprehensive parental control solution. This includes web filtering, app monitoring, screen time limits, and location tracking. This application has free and paid versions at affordable prices. So you will get more features.

Norton Family

These Android apps for parenting are famous for their powerful web filtering capabilities. Parents can monitor children’s online activities, set screen time limits, and track their device locations. So you can fully control and know the history of your child’s cell phone.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The app allows parents to manage app usage, set screen time limits, and track kids’ location. Then, this application also provides real-time notifications about your child’s activities.

Net Nanny

This app offers a powerful internet filtering solution to protect children from inappropriate content. This app also allows you to block apps and manage screen time. So you can minimize negative content that might appear on your child’s smartphone.


This one is best known for its powerful location tracking and geofencing features. Additionally, the app also includes web filtering, app monitoring, and screen time control. Similar to other applications, but with extraordinary location tracking features. So you can track your child’s whereabouts and ensure they stay safe.

ESET Parental Control

ESET provides application blocking, web filtering, and location tracking. So the main focus of this application is to ensure children’s online safety.

When choosing Android apps for parenting, it’s important to consider your specific needs and your child’s maturity level. Some apps offer more features, while others are simpler. So, make sure to check the features according to your needs. With the help of these applications, you can provide additional protection for your children in an increasingly complex digital world.