Sleep Tracking Application, Help Improve Your Quality

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Many people are trying out sleep tracking application these days. The reason is, that this application will help create a pleasant waking experience. Recently, improving sleep quality has become difficult. However, now there are several applications available from Playstore that can track sleep. Of course, using various methods such as sonar technology, sound detection, and even placing the smartphone at chest level.

Sleep Tracking Application

List of Recommended Sleep Tracking Application

Various steps to get good quality sleep are available on Playstore. The reason is this Android application will help monitor sleep patterns and ensure you get enough quality sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best tools that can help analyze a person’s sleep patterns. For this reason, the way this application works, your sleep time is detected via a microphone or accelerometer, according to individual choice. The reason is, that this application will determine whether you are using light sleep mode, deep sleep mode, or REM phase.

This application also has a sleep theme to get a better night’s sleep. Therefore, use the free sounds of this app such as Warm wind, Forest glade, Morning mist, and Sunrise. However, if you sign up for a free trial it’s only seven days.


The app rates sleep from 1-100 and tells you the average ideal sleep score according to age. The reason is, that the sleep tracker from this application shows how long you have been in each stage of sleep. Additionally, the app tracks sleep using non-contact sonar technology. Not only that, you can use a microphone and speaker. So it can measure respiratory rate and body movements.

However, this sleep tracking application takes 1 to 2 weeks. So you can learn sleep patterns and do training so you can sleep better at night. The reason is, that if you have achieved your sleep target, this application will help you maintain better quality sleep.


The next application can also analyze sleep quality and provide suggestions for ways to improve it. For example, difficulty sleeping, facing lack of sleep and suffering from sleep apnea. The reason is, that this application has sound detection which can record snoring, breathing air, and talking while sleeping.

Apart from that, it also supports various sleep aids that are useful for getting quality sleep. Whether it’s meditation, stories, or even white noise, it will create a mix of sounds as the perfect bedtime soundtrack. Therefore, this application can improve sleep habits and achieve the highest quality of sleep as needed.

Sleep tracking application that you can download via Android. The reason is, that it can display various tools to help you fall asleep immediately and monitor your sleep cycle. Thus creating lifestyle changes to improve sleep quality.